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Mmgftw Apocalypse averted!

Happy Easter!

Maelstrome26 posted Apr 3, 15

Happy Easter!

A lot has moved and changed in the last 2 months and we didn't get around to actually making an announcement, so a few things passed by mostly unnoticed. I'll go through the major things point by point.




ArcheAge was demoted to a recreational game after the Staff Meeting in december and has since been removed. The main reason for this decision was the decline of the game itself, following the poor decisions made by the publisher and developer, which led to dwindling player numbers.
For more information look at the Community Report of December.


World of Warcraft


Fujin, one of our former ArcheAge Guild Officers, created a DIG Guild in World of Warcraft in November, shortly before the release of the new expansion Warlords of Draenor. Even with the members gathered in the following weeks it was apparent that raiding wasn't going to be possible with just our guild alone.

In the end it was decided to merge with Repent, led by Pash, a guild that's been going for 10 years, with a lot of experience in raiding and managing pre-work for raids as well. Repent itself revived after a period of hibernation following the tedious grind that was Mists of Pandaria and started strong into Warlords of Draenor.

The guild is in a good spot, with around 30 people online every day and scheduled Raids on Wednesdays and Sundays at 9pm CET.
Current raidtargets are Highmaul and 2/7 heroics.

For more information you can send Fujin a PM or talk to the members on our Teamspeak server.




Following the Staff Meeting in december Neverwinter was promoted to an official community game, represented by Lupicus (@snuffalupicus) as community game leader. The guild, called "Die Würde des Krieges" (german for Dignity of War), is being led by Aranel (@iridal12) ingame.
Currently the guild is doing dungeon-runs daily for guild-groups and they're very helpful to new players, giving out spare equip to get you going, once you reach max level, for lategame content of which there is a lot.
Since the initial release the game got 4 major updates including new zones and dungeons, with the 5th on its way already.

If you're interested to fight dragons and the unrelenting forces of the undead, give this game a shot.


This concludes the Game Update and I'll try to post those once a month starting with this one.

Auroria has been offical announced to be released on November 4th.

This means that we'll be focusing on finishing our Guild Objectives in the remaining weeks more and try to get at least a 2nd merchant ship, so stay tuned for more Traderuns to benefit the guild as a whole.

To be effective for the included content that comes with the new continent, consider getting your Hasla Weapons and decent Armor. GHA complete Rare/Arcane or full Illustrious Arcane Sets are recommended.

A big thanks to Udiniad who supplied us with the News!

Swanzz http://forums.archeagegame.com/showthread.php?108485-ArcheAge-EU-Game-Update-11-5-14-at-11-00-AM-GMT-(PST-8) ...

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