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Stellaris Weekend #3

The salt must flow

Fri 26th: 18:00GMT / 19:00 BST / 20:00 CEST
Sat 27th: 16:00GMT / 17:00 BST / 18:00 CEST
Sun 28th: 14:00 GMT / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST

Miller, along with DIG's TOP MEN, has won the 2015 ServerSmash championship!

Many thanks to Zazora and Samej321 for taking the time to organise our force, provide us with training, even to the point of making videos for each sunderer positions and tactics.

DIG's top men:

  • Zazora
  • Samej321
  • Warcore
  • Maelstrome26
  • LameFrog
  • k0per1s
  • TownCryer8
  • IndianaJens
  • goaten
  • DeadyWalking


Zazora o7 was an honor
Deadman_Walking Uh, honorary mention of me. I'm flattered. Gotta say training was top notch, whoever trashtalks DIG in the future ...

It is four days from now that the two strongest servers on Planetside 2, Miller and Emerald, will meet in battle again and once and for all decide who deserves to be at the top. Planetside 2 has been around for three years now, Planetside Battles has been organizing Server Smash for almost two years. Miller and Emerald have already proven in the round robin stage of the tournament and by decisively winning the Semi Final that they are at the top, and lastly Emerald has been strongly made aware that Miller is a force to be feared.

So when we will meet each other again for this Final every Community will bring all they've got to make the final reckoning. Years of experience of shooting mans, thousands of hours leading squads and a command team on the ground as well as in the air that has figured this game out. It is safe to say that this match will have the best of everything an will be the peak of Server Smash as a whole. 

Sadly, with the state of the game, our Communities will change as old players will leave the game, not putting up with empty promises any more. It is expected that Server Smash will change as well, maybe giving room for other formats that will be prevalent. So if you are playing on coming Saturday with DIG or DIGT carry the torch of our Community, Dignity of War and the Miller server to this Final. If you are not playing celebrate it by telling you friends and watching the streams together (e.g. in Teamspeak). This will be the best Match the way Planetside 2 is meant to be played. And even if we loose on this faithful day, take a step back and be happy to have been part of something glorious and fairly unique in the history of gaming.

5th December 20:00 UTC


Emerald vs. Miller

The Final Bang!

Hobblebobble I think a number of emerald players, now that they know that they will not just steamroll Miller like the past refuse to...
Mmgftw Ooooor, them emerald spies are spreading false rumours... Just sayin...
Maelstromeous Emerald are so screwed. They're apparently having issues getting people to sign up to the match and we've been...

On 12th December, 2015 there will be an Air Battle arranged between DIG, ORBS and EMLE, which will start at 4PM GMT/UTC.

Battle Galaxys and Scythes mainly, but a few liberators can be accepted if that's your favorite vehicule. Rules are: no one takes any Anti Air, that means no skyguards, no burster MAX, no Annihilators, Nemesis or Swarms. You can keep on getting a new ESF or Galaxy as long as you have nanites, and if one faction is really low on nanites, the 3 outfit leaders will call for a little 5 minute Regroup-break.

More info here

We are getting more and more successful in our mining ops. This time we mined around 1.1 Billion Isk. The next morning we cleared 1 more belt and the whole system was done, nothing left but beltrats.

Thanks to:

  • Maelstrome
  • Alissa
  • HunterZero4
  • The1337Sheep
  • Gwydion
  • Schneedle
  • MadMongul
  • Hobble

Fancy joining us? Let Maelstrome or Alissa know your intent and we can get you started!

AlissaFX1 have been :(
Caleeshi Are you DIG in Eve online to?
AlissaFX1 As she hasen't agreed to join the corp until after the op, i had no reason to force the 25% tax pay and paid 100% o...
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