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DIG Leadership

No community is anything without their leaders. DIG takes great pride in offering people the ability and opportunities to step up and take charge in various areas of their choosing.

The people listed below are the core of the DIG leadership. We cannot list every single officer here, so below are the Staff members and the various Game Leaders.

Throughout DIG, there is a common colour system for community leadership members to make them easily identifiable and used across the community, such as Discord and this website - Administrator, Supervisor, Game Leader and Game Officer.

Community Staff

The DIG Community Staff team are the heads of the community, enacting the wishes of its members and also driving the community forward.

The staff hold monthly meetings (first Sunday of every month), each of which is documented and minutes taken for the entire community to see. Every member of DIG has a opportunity to voice any concerns they may have to the staff at any time.

Each member of the staff is a voting member for staff decisions, which shape the community as a whole. All staff are regarded as equals - Admins do not get any veto powers, nor do their votes count more towards a decision.

There are currently 7 staff members - 2 admins and 5 supervisors.


The Admins co-ordinate the high level matters of the community, involving more sensitive areas such as monetary and infrastructural needs. They are amongst our most dedicated members to the community and have been within DIG for many years. There are no more than 3 admins at any given time.


PS2-DIG Leader & Resident Mad Scientist




Supervisors contribute to the overall health of the community, offering their assistance to our members on a day-to-day basis. They are highly involved with their particular games, making other staff members and the wider community aware of any issues.


Resident Cat Herder


Professional Lurker


Resident Tech Priest


Resident MMORPG Programmer


Supervisor & Resident Weirdo

Community Game Leaders

Each Community Game has a dedicated leadership, who's role is to ensure that the experience of playing said game is as good as possible for DIG members.

Game Leaders have full authority over their game. They are free to recruit and steer their game however they see fit, in the confines of the community ruleset.

Leaders and their officers are the first port of call if community members have issue with how things are conducted. Game Leaders can also request assistance from the Community Staff in helping organize events, changes to infrastructure or anything else that will help their game flourish.

Planetside 2 - DIG



PS2-DIG Glorious Zergmaster


DIG Leader & Web Admin


PS2-DIG Leader

Platoon Leaders


DIG Officer


DIG Officer


DIG Platoon Leader


DIG Officer


DIG Officer


DIG Platoon Leader


DIG Officer


DIG Officer

Planetside 2 - DIGT