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Planetside 2

DIG started off in Planetside 2 and still maintains a very strong presence there. We play VS on Miller and have both the largest, most active outfit in the game (DIG) and a smaller, more tactical outfit (DIGT) in our community.

Planetside 2 is a free to play, MMOFPS. It offers the ability to play as a soldier in an open world, and pick where you fight. You can play as infantry, bring a tank, fly an aircraft, or lead 48 friends in a platoon.

DIG Outfit

Members Online:
Peak times: All week 7PM BST - 12BST

Our Planetside 2 Outfit: 'Dignity of War' [DIG] is a casual outfit that welcomes any and all players. Due to our outfit's size we're active 24/7, but at primetimes (8UTC) we're usually running 2-3 platoons.

DIG is the biggest and strongest outfit in Planetside 2. We win alerts, shape the battlefield and cap more bases than anyone else. We play the game like it's meant to be played with epic large scale combat and cross platoon communication.

Whether you want to be a platoon leader deciding the fate of continents or you're looking to be involved in 3 platoon hotdrops on alert deciding bases, there's a place for you in DIG. Join the DIG Dolphin and you'll never have to fight alone again.

  • Biggest outfit in PS2
  • 24/7 activity
  • Multiple platoons every night
  • Weekly trainings

DIGT Outfit

Members Online:
Peak times: Wed & Fri 7PM BST - 11BST

DIGT is a combined arms small outfit of around 10 people active daily and 1-2 squads on Ops. We are an airborne outfit, divided into Paratroopers and Pilots. Paratroopers are our quick-respond ground forces that can take on any role and squad composition. Pilots are the dedicated air force with experienced pilots that react to any threat in the air.

DIGT has an active competitive component and regularly takes part in community events, such as CS;GO style 6v6 tournaments and Server Smashes where teams of up to 300 clash on Jaeger (PS2's private server).

Ops for DIGT run 2 times a week - Wednesdays are our casual operations night, which lets people get their hair down and just play with their comrades. Friday is our tactical operations night, which is where we apply our tactics to help win battles across the map.

  • Ops twice a week
  • Active competitive team
  • Farming/Casual squads most evenings

Like what you see?

Joining us is simple - you only need to be 18+, enjoy gaming and treat everyone with respect.