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[DIG] Dignity of War

Our Planetside 2 Outfit: 'Dignity of War' [DIG] is a casual outfit that welcomes any and all players. Due to our outfit's size we're active 24/7, but at primetimes (8UTC) we're usually running 2-3 platoons.

DIG is the biggest and strongest outfit in Planetside 2. We win alerts, shape the battlefield and cap more bases than anyone else. We play the game like it's meant to be played with epic large scale combat and cross platoon communication.

Whether you want to be a platoon leader deciding the fate of continents or you're looking to be involved in 3 platoon hotdrops on alert deciding bases, there's a place for you in DIG. Join the DIG Dolphin and you'll never have to fight alone again.

  • Biggest outfit in PS2
  • 24/7 activity
  • Multiple platoons every night
  • Weekly trainings

Online Members

Below is a list of all our members and their online status