No events are currently scheduled. Prompt your game leaders to schedule events!

Community games

DIG has one primary community game currently, Planetside 2®. Community Games have dedicated leadership and officers who put their time and effort into making the game experience the best as possible. Each game is fully supported by the community, along with Discord channels, special sections on the forum and on our website. Our main focus are on these games, but we also play other games when it takes our fancy!

Recreational games

Recreational games are ones that don't necessarily have dedicated Leadership, but are played by members within DIG so commonly that they deserve extra attention. Such games may have events, but there is no dedicated leadership as such to drive the experience forward. They are more supported by our community (they get a Discord text and voice channel just for the game) and activity levels are reviewed from time to time.

We currently have two Recreational games: Guild Wars 2 and Warframe.

Event games

Various members of the community also like to play different games from time to time, on a less organized, unofficial format. We occasionally organize events so that we can have a bit of variety. Such games we often play include:

Stellaris, Europa Universalis IV, Mechwarrior Online, Space Engineers, Minecraft, World of Warships and many others.

Large and active community

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we have a large playerbase. This’ll mean that any people wishing to join will be in the comfort knowing they have literally hundreds of potential teammates in any game they're seeking to play.

Prime time between 5pm - midnight BST

Like what you see?

Joining us is simple - you only need to be 18+, enjoy gaming and treat everyone with respect.